Big Cheesa

Ty here.

The Big Cheesa has been my go to river pattern for 2014. Imitating a sucker, chub, or similar "soft" fish that Musky Love, this fly gets just that...Musky Love. This pattern can be tied in all colors, but this is by far my favorite color for the river musky.

Hook: Partridge Predator X 4/0

Shank: Chockletts Big Game Shank 90mm

Body: Cream, Yellow, and Brown Bucktail (One Clump of Cream, Two Clumps of Yellow, One Clump of Brown - repeat)

Flash: Flashabou Orange Pearl

Thread: Danville Flymaster Plus 210 Denier

Hackle: Sideling Hill Saddle Hackle (medium)  Dyed Yellow

Eyes: Holo Dome Mirage Eyes 3/8"