Fly Tying

Sexy Scully 
I have been messing around with sculpin patterns for the last few months and I think I finally settled on one I like. It's relatively easy, and is a nice alternative to Fish Skull Sculpin Helmets. Here is a step by step recipe.

Hook: Mustad 2xl Streamer Hook
Tail/Spine: Olive Rabbit Zonker Strip
Body: UV Polar Chenille Olive Copper
Body: Olive Schlappen
Legs: Olive Barred Rubber Legs
Head: Olive and Dark Olive Deer Hair
Eyes: Lead Dumbell Eyes Medium

Pierce the Olive Rabbit Zonker with the hook leaving a small tail

Tie in the UV Polar Chenille, lead, and dumbell eyes

Tie in Olive Schlappen with your chenille

Wrap the Polar Chenille to the back of the eyes

Progress the Schlappen to the back of the eyes and tie off the Zonker strip

Tie in Olive Barred Rubber Legs

Tie in stacked dark olive deer hair with the tips facing backwards, all around the hook shank

Spin olive deer hair on either side of the lead eyes
Spin one more clump of dark olive deer hair onto the hook shank

Take a razor or scissors and trim! Add some glue and you're done