Tan Oh-Man

The Tan Oh-Man is a pattern I've been tweaking for a little while now. After getting into the streamer game a little over a year ago, I've really been drawn to two things in my patterns: Spun Deer Hair Heads and Palmered Zonker Strips. The deer hair allows the fly to land soft enough to not spook fish, but hard enough get their attention. The weight of the dumbbell eyes along with the water soaked deer hair makes it fish the perfect depth without in lots of different water...not to mention, it looks so sexy when it comes off the vise. Similarly, zonkers just flat out dance in the water, but you already know that. Top that off with a little rubber leg action and a tiny bit of flash, and you're good to go! Ohhhh man does this pattern produce fish. It has caught Browns, Bass, Pickerel, Pike and even Redfish. Here's how to tie one.


Hooks: Gamakatsu B10s Size 2 and 6 (dont forget to clip your barbs when you're done)

Thread: Danville Flymaster Plus 210 Denier

Body: Barred Tan Rabbit Zonkers, Regular

Legs: Fly Enhancer Legs Yellow/White Black Spot

Flash: Flashabou - Holographic Gold

Eyes: Nickel Dumbell Eyes Large

Head: Deer Body Hair - Natural

Joint: Paracord Fiber