Pants Changer

This fly is a spin off Blane Chockletts ever popular Game Changer. With the use of articulated fish spines, flies have been able to get more action than ever before. I took that, and turned it into a Musky sized deer hair meat. For that reason alone, it's called the Pants Changer; for when that 50 decides to do a boat-side eat on the 8! KFF Diapers not included (patent pending).

Hooks: Gamakatsu 2/0 and Partridge Predator X 4/0

Thread: Danville Flymaster Plus 210 Denier

Body: Bucktail in any color (start at the top of the bucktail in the beginning, and work your way down. This will ensure you get the right profile)

Hackle: Sideling Hill Saddle Hackle Shortened, Dyed Red (Dyeing Tutorial Here)

Flash: Flashabou in any color

Head: Bucktail taken from bottom/back of bucktail. Body hair works too

Joint: 60lb Flouro covered in zap-a-gap

The Pants Changer Tutorial from Keystone Fly Fishing on Vimeo.