Jive Turkey

Here's a Musky Fly pattern that Moose has been perfecting the last couple of months. The beautiful thing about the Jive Turkey is that it's super simple, cheap to tie, and catches fish. The 3 spun heads inside the fly keep the profile after countless casts & fish, the schlappen out the back has great action, the flash on the back makes it pop ever so slightly, and the color combinations are endless. If you're just getting into Musky Fly Tying and you want to fill your box without breaking the bank, this is the fly for you.


Hooks:    Gamakatsu B10s 2/0 (we use up to 4/0 for this pattern)
Thread:   Flymaster Plus 210 Denier
Hackle:   Whiting Farms Schlappen in a color of your choice
Body:       Bucktail in a color of your choice
Flash:      Flashabou in a color of your choice
Joint:        60lb Flourocarbon

Jive Turkey from Keystone Fly Fishing on Vimeo.