Saturday, December 31, 2016

TESTED: Bozeman Fly Reel

These days hoards of new gear continually floods the niche market that is fly fishing. What does this mean for you? Well for starters, it can make for a frustrating learning curve. Basically you can buy a bunch of hyped up new products and can test them yourself...or you can rely on the word of friends / gear reviews. The problem with most reviews: they are written directly after purchase. Not the case here folks, I have been fishing this reel for over a year.

This review is an honest look at the Bozeman 325 Fly Reel.

Where to begin...well for starters each reel is 100% American made and engineered in Bozeman, Montana. This is a huge deal for us because these days you can choose from dozens of cheap reels made somewhere in China. I have fished many of these cheap, poorly designed reels only to be frustrated when the drag would fail on a fish, line would suck through or they would break. The amount of corners that are cut (i.e. quality control, CNC tolerances) to produce those is sickening. Thankfully, Bozeman has done things properly and thoroughly engineered these reels to take a beating and keep on performing day in and day out. This is the craftsmanship you need in a reel you plan to put to use. 

Now the proof. I have fished this reel for well over a year now and I can personally attest that I don't know anyone who abuses their gear the way I do. This reel has been dropped, thrown, stepped on, dunked, kept in a hot truck and pretty much everything under the sun. With that being said, it continually performs flawlessly like the day I got it in the mail. This reel is top notch! 

Bottom line: If your looking for a high quality American made reel that will last your lifetime look no further. I've caught everything from 3" Brook Trout, to Smallmouth Bass, to Hefty carp with it; sometimes being pretty covered in mud and grit, and have never had one issue with the drag or any other part of the reel for that matter.  This reel is worth every penny! 

Order your Bozeman today!