Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Long Time Coming

Clark here, wow it has been awhile, and then some. Just felt like sharing some thoughts and some pictures.

This last year or so has been quite eventful for myself, just enjoying life as much as possible, and now having a little one on the way. I have been trying to take social media in smaller less serious doses, as I feel it goes down hill quickly. I just wanna reach out to everyone out there listening that are just regular people trying to get as much out of life as possible, taking things in moderation and loving nature and fishing, and the outdoors. I salute you all for being the realist most authentic people out there even though most of you are silent on social media, or less into all of the stuff out there these days. 

Wild at heart. Those are some words I hold close to my heart, as I feel the other keystone boys, Ty and Austin, do as well. It means so much, making the most of everyday, adventuring, exploring, seeking the wildness in life, and deep in yourself.

Thats enough thoughts for now, heres some pictures I felt like sharing to maybe light a little spark in your adventure fire so to speak.